Scent Pot Dividers

Scent pot dividers fit perfectly into our standard scent pots and allow you to place the target odour along side the reward for imprint training. Such as cut pieces of Kong or Tennis Ball whichever is the chosen toy or reward.

The individual compartments allow separate scent plumes to form within the pot and permeate through the lid.

Scent pot dividers may also be used to create distractions more aligned with operational searches. If you examine postal packaging which may contain cardboard, polythene, sellotape, polystyrene etc. Each one of these materials may be placed separately withing the carousel and interrogated, but when small pieces are cut and placed within the dividers a cocktail of odours is created similar to that of the packaging itself.

Scent pot dividers have the following advantages :

  • Increases Distractions
  • Increases Olfactory Memory
  • Decreases False Positives

Scent pot dividers fit all our range of scent pots fitted to either the portable carousels, NATO carousels, linear stands, and NCTAS Floor stands.