Medical Detection Stands

Medical detection dogs or bio-detection dogs are trained to detect the smallest odours with concentrations, around one part per trillion.

Working with registered charities such as we have helped design analysis stands for medical conditions such as breast cancer, Prostate Cancer, Bowel Cancer, Malaria and Parkinson’s and most recently coronavirus.

The stand comprised of essentially two parts the stand and arm with a choice of three different types of guard plate, slotted plates, cross wires or inverted pepper pots. It’s important to have spare arms to make sterilising and changing between odours easier. The choice of the arm is completely preferenced and they are all designed to allow the dog to get his nose as close to the sample as possible without him being able to lick the sample.

The stands are made completely from stainless steel and fully welded to prevent ingestion of fluids and cross-contamination. They are designed to be removed and fit into most autoclaves for sterilising.

An optional focus cone is available which has been ergonomically designed to get the nose as close as possible to the sample and amplify the odour drawn from within the sample.