Magnetic Compact Scent Hide

These magnetic compact scent hides are much smaller and easy to hide compared to the larger magnetic scent boxes and present a more olfactory based search, as dogs soon learn to cheat if they can see bulky boxes.

They are billet machined from aircraft-grade aluminium and hard anodised against corrosion and contamination.

They come in two different styles Fully Perforated and Variable Release. Giving you an option to control the odour depending upon strength. We can also engrave them to identify the material and prevent cross-contamination.

These boxes are a clever design and can be supplied with a magnetic stainless hanging kit. This allows you to hang the boxes onto other materials, such as wood, ceramics, plastics, glass and fabrics. This gives you a far wider scope to hide these boxes in numerous situations.

The compact scent box is designed to fit inside the NATO scent pot and makes it perfect for desensitising and imprinting. The scent hide can then be removed and taken into an operational enviroment.