Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, All our products are designed and made by ourselves and you can buy directly from the manufacturers.

No, All our products are made to order.

Yes, we can design and build a specialist piece of equipment to suite your personal needs.

Our normal delivery time is 6 – 8 weeks from receipt of order.

All our products come with a standard 2 – 5 year guarantee.

Our carousel scent wheel is made completely from stainless steel and fully welded to avoid scent traps and crevice corrosion.

Our competitors are made from Aluminum including the scent pots and lids. These scent pots are held horizontally and not vertically like our own. This creates a problem because the centrifugal force will push the contents toward the perforated lid during rotation making detection far easier!

Certain substances will also corrode the Aluminum fairly rapidly and any products held together with nuts and bolts create scent traps and promotes crevice corrosion.

Yes, We can deliver to the US and most parts of the globe.

There are three principal differences between the two.

1   The NATO carousel is completely made fro stainless steel. The portable carousel has stainless steel arms, pots and lids with a mild steel powder coated chassis.

2   The NATO carousel if full height adjustable. While the portable has two fixed height positions suitable for medium and large Dogs.

3   The NATO carousel has a lid retention system that stops the Dog removing the scent lid during interrogation. The Portable carousel has a push-fit lid only.

Yes. We stock parts for all our products and they can be purchased from ourselves.

Yes, you are welcome to visit our factory in Folkestone Kent and see the products by prior appointment