Soil Scent Carousel

The soil carousel was developed in conjunction with the RAF Police to detect objects buried below ground such as arms, explosives, drugs, cash etc.

This is a twelve arm version completely made from stainless steel. Each bucket has a 10lt capacity and can contain up to 20kilos of soil. Training starts by placing the target odour on top of the soil inside the bucket. Then by moving the target down through the soil layers the odour changes as it permeates through the soil.

With different soil types and moisture levels, the odour can smell completely different on the surface and it’s important that the dog is trained to associate the target with the variations in odour.

Another feature of this carousel is the buckets can be removed with its entire contents and buried in the landscape. This takes the dog to a whole new level away from the training school and into the landscape searching for the buried target.

Soil Carousel Accessories

Soil Carousel Scent Wheel