NCTAS ID Stands Small Pot

These floor stands are made from clear polycarbonate measuring 1 meter long by 120mm wide and will accept our small FS range of scent pots.

There are a range of accessories which we have developed to enhance the use of these stands. Including joiners which stop the stands from moving out of alinement.

The NCTAS test consists of eight plastic floor-mounted stands placed in a line. Each stand contains a stainless steel scent pot and lid spaced at 100cm intervals. This distance allows for large targets to be used without any interference between adjacent samples.

All detection Dogs accredited by NCTAS will be assured that they are performing at a standard that is nationally recognised by the UK government.

The NCTAS is a comprehensive scheme being rolled out under the Home Office initiative covering canine training, welfare, and accreditation procedures, which are developed in collaboration with the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC), UK Border Force, National Offender Management Service and the Royal Army Veterinary Corps.

NCTAS is being developed for use with detection Dog organisations in both public and eventually private sectors in the UK.