Portable Scent Carousel

The portable or collapsible carousel was developed from the success of the NATO carousel at half the cost.

We developed this carousel as another standard 12 arms utilising the same scent pot and lid. The only difference is the lid has no spring retention system and two height settings for medium to large dogs.

Advantages over the NATO carousel are it is portable and will fold away in purpose-made bags for transportation and storage purposes. This is ideal when space is of a premium or you need to transport it from location to location.

The detachable arms are made from full stainless steel together with the lids and scent pots as per the NATO version. This is the business end of the carousel and can be sterilised to remove any cross-contamination from target odours.

The stand and centre carousel ring is made from powder-coated steel and can be wiped down with a mild detergent.

This carousel has been supplied to the SAS, Norwegian Commandos and many private security companies. Its portability makes it desirable among organisations that need to move around.

This carousel can also be adapted for medical or bio-detection systems, as well as vapour systems and closed containers.

Portable Carousel Acessories