10mm Scent Tube Hide

Scent tube scent hides are perfect for perforated bricks in focus walls. They will reduce cross-contamination between the odour and the brick by reducing physical contact.

Fired clay bricks can display high porosity values between 15 – 40 % which can trap odour and lead to false indications. Some trainers will replace the brick while others will teach the dogs to ignore the false indications.

These small cylindrical hides fit perfectly into the Spanish perforated bricks and give you multiple choices on where to place within the focus wall. The twin caps have a single 3mm hole in both ends which allows the air to flow through.

The two caps unscrew to expose a 6mm by 50mm tube which is perfect for placing pieces of cut Kong inside.

These training hides can be used inside/outside in rural and urban areas depending upon the training.

Stoat Detection Dog