UKBA Linear stands

UKBA linear scent detection stands provide two training functions in one piece of apparatus. Overhead scent detection and luggage detection.

The principle design is based on the original NATO linear stand. Utilising the same scent pot, lid and unique lid retention system.  This has allowed parts to be interchangeable with the UKBA /RAF carousel.

The scent pot assembly on this stand can be removed from the horizontal beam and repositioned at 90 or 180 degrees. The beam can then be raised vertically up to a maximum height of 2m above the ground. This allows the odour plume to be altered in direction and training based on different odour gradients. Ideal for detection training for overhead odours.

The second function of this stand allows hand luggage to be hung across the horizontal beam, which is designed to take up to 10 kilos balanced on each side. This offers an ideal platform for luggage detection training.