REST Vacuum Pump 240v

This is our standard 240v K9 RAS 1 vacuum pump which draws precisely 60 litres of air per minute through the filter, which is the exact amount required to trap scents onto the filter. We hold a patent for this pump Patent No; GB2455084 retaining all intellectual property.

The oil-less dry-running rotary van pump incorporated into a lightweight portable Aluminium chassis just weighting <20 kilos. This incorporates a timer and static pressure gauge to monitor flow and sample time.

This system is not limited to the detection of explosives and could be used for many other applications such as remote bio-detection, bed bugs, narcotics and much more.

We have also developed a 12v battery version of this pump. Allowing remote scent detection to be taken into locations where mains power is unsalable.

REST Air Sample Taking