Remote Control Scent Box

These remote control scent boxes were originally designed to fit onto the REST (Remote Explosives Tracing) analysis stand and to accept the filter.

Since its development, the remote control scent box has been used as standalone boxes for the training of search dogs.

This device is ideal for imprint training using a ball to reward the Dog. The device contains a trap door which releases the ball by remote control.

The device contains no servo motors and the Dog hears no clicks or has any forewarning that the device is about to drop the ball. Working on a 12v battery system the remote control has a range of up to 30 meters.

Made completely from stainless steel and incorporating a calibrated mechanism which retracts the target from the point of entry. This allows you to make it progressively harder for the dog to detect the target depending upon the odour.

Remote Control Scent Box