Kong Spike Hide

These small scent hides were originally developed from hiding small pieces of kong in golf tees. It soon became apparent that this was a good and valid way to train search dogs outdoors on different terrain.

We were asked to take this stage further and develop a professional range of products using the correct materials for the application. The evolved kong spikes are ideal for hiding cut pieces of Kong or tennis balls and come in a variety of sizes.

  • 6.5mm black
  • 12mm black
  • 19mm black
  • 25mm black
  • 37mm black
  • 37mm blue

These small hides make it easy to hide the reward and harder for the dog to make visual contact. We do however make a blue 37mm version for the start of training making use of visual and olfactory senses.  Small cut pieces of the material yield small amounts of the odour making the olfactory senses work harder for the reward.

No injection moulding has been used in the manufacture of these parts and the materials used contain no release agents or chemicals. These scent hides are individually cut from a special low-water absorption material that has high strength, rigidity and toughness.

These kong spikes are supplied without kong inserts but can be supplied with them upon request.