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About Us

Scent Detection is a trading name of Central Engineering Design Ltd.

We specialise in the design, development and manufacture of canine training equipment and vapour systems for government agencies and the private sector.

Coming from a background in medical and scientific equipment our expertise has been instrumental in the development of canine training and search equipment for the military, police forces and border control from across the world.

All our products are made of the highest quality materials and are not to be confused with cheap aluminium or plastic versions. Our products are sterilisable and will give you many years of service with aftercare.

What We Do

We work with many government agencies and their scientist in the design and development of scent-detection aids for canine olfaction.

Working with trainers we have developed some groundbreaking ideas into working products that have accelerated scent training programs.

Our products have helped train dogs to detect IEDs and explosives, medical diseases, drugs, minerals, missing persons and a great deal more.

What They Say

Central Engineering has been integral part in the design, development and future proofing of a number of canine concepts that have advanced the training of military working dogs. This partnership has helped increase the quality of canines used for detection purposes.

As a project manager for a major defence canine contract for Afghanistan it was Central Engineering that we (MoD) turned too to procure bespoke equipment that will help dog handlers in the field, undoubtedly to save lives.

Central Engineering have also been involved in many private sector enterprises and their innovative ideas, flexible approach and as important cost, make them the ideal choice for any canine project.

Frank Holmes, Kryus Ltd
Tyler Security is proud of its expertise in the highly sensitive domain of explosives and narcoticssearch and detection. Our dogs operate at very high standards; achieved by specialist training and specialist training equipment. Central Engineering Design not only supply Tyler Security with very high quality, practical and efficient carousel products but have also been instrumental in designing and supplying unique lightweight, battery powered, scent boxes and probes.
Roland Stone, Tyler Security

Our companies Advanced Canine Technologies Ltd based in England and Scent Detection Academy based in The Netherlands the original developers of the modern-day vapour Systems have been using different equipment designed and manufactured by Central Engineering Design based in Folkestone Kent for some years now and have found the attention to detail and perfect finish to be first class.

Eric Burchell & Hotsche Luik, Advanced Canine Technologies Ltd

Sectors We Work With

We work with a wide range of both public and private sector organisations, including: