Medical Detection Carousel

The medical carousel has completely welded seams to eliminate any cross-contamination from sterilizing and has short removable arms. This allows for removal from the main carousel for sterilising or exchange into a different position within the carousel, should you choose to lock the carousel into a static position. These arms come in three different styles that differ in the type of guard plate required.

The focus cone is an optional extra that universally fits all our three types of guard plates including slotted plates, cross wires and inverted pepper pots. They conveniently slide over the guard plate allowing the dog to focus and directly draw the odour from within the scent pot.

Baffle plates can also be offered as an optional extra to both portable and NATO versions. This is quite an important tool when it comes to detecting small scents because it slows the Dog down and encourages them to interrogate the sample using both nostrils.

Dogs can be trained to detect the smallest odours with concentrations, around one part per trillion. Dogs can be trained to detect diseases such as breast cancer, Prostate Cancer, Bowel Cancer, Malaria and Parkinson’s and most recently coronavirus.

All our 12 arm NATO and portable carousels have interchangeable arms which can be exchanged for Medical or bio-detection type if required. likewise, medical carousels can exchange arms for normal scent detection type. The only limitation is the number of arms, so remember every other arm can be removed, but more can’t be added at a later date!