About Scent Carousels

The carousel is a pressure search device offering dynamic training with a multiple-choice concept. The carousel will consistently present odours for imprint training and desensitise non-target objects the dog may encounter during operational searches.

The carousel will dramatically speed up training for new search dogs, constantly shaping dogs and maintaining training between operational searches. The carousel has no beginning and has no end. Unlike linear floor stands or boxes, it presents a perpetual search!

Before the use of carousels imprint training was haphazard with the use of cages, bricks, woodpiles and numerous pro-active devices such as scent boxes. This is a dynamic training tool and a must-have piece of equipment for any dog trainer. It will reduce your dog training program by months saving you time and money.

To summarise the benefits of using a carousel:

  • Dramatically speed up your training programme.
  • Consistently shapes dogs in a fast way.
  • Desensitises non-target objects.
  • Increases focus on the target odour.
  • Increases search pressure.
  • Presents a moving target.
  • Increase the number of choices.
  • Utilises NATO Pots & Lids to DSTL standards.
  • The portable can be set up in small spaces and taken down when not in use.
  • Height-adjustable to suit most dogs.
  • Modular system with a range of accessories.
  • Multiple uses with interchangeable stainless steel arms that can be changed for vapour systems, biomedical, universal tubes and sealed containers.

When you apply statistics the probability of hitting the same target 3 times consecutively is 1700: 1  using a 12-arm carousel. It’s easy to prove the dog’s olfactory abilities!

Our first machines were produced in 2011 after winning a military contract and are still in service today. They are of exceptional quality and built to last and are one of the only machines on the market that can be supplied with a range of accessories.

A protocol is now being drawn up by government agencies for the use of our 18 and 12 arm carousels to be included in the NCTAS scheme.

Carousel Scent Wheel