NATO Scent Carousel

The NATO carousel has a unique lid retention system that firmly holds the lid onto the scent pot and stops removal by any excited dog.

Since its development, we have supplied carousels to most of the UK’s Police forces, customs & excise and border agencies. It has also acquired interest from other countries as we have supplied the Norwegian armed forces and the French army.

Primarily designed for the detection of explosives the carousel is universal and can be used for imprint training for almost anything a dogs nose can detect!

Our unique scent pots are designed to accept home office explosive sets and HM endorsed EDD training kits. They will also accept any other substances for the purpose of scent detection work.

The carousel arms can be changed to adapt for medical or bio-detection systems, as well as vapour systems and closed containers.

In 2008 we were approached by the Defence Animal Centre (DAC) to design a Carousel scent wheel that would be suitable for canine imprint training for explosives.

As the conflict grew in Afghanistan and many of our soldiers were being killed and wounded daily through improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The need to train dogs more quickly and more efficiently grew as the army needed more search dogs.

The 12 arm NATO carousel was born and supplied to all the British forces in 2011 together with a linear stand for operational training. Our NATO carousel provided that much-needed boost to the British and NATO forces.

Carousel Scent Wheel