NATO Scent Carousel

The NATO carousel comes in two basic sizes 12 or 18 arms initially designed for the MOD working dogs. Now most commonly used by the RAF and UKBA, carrying 50% more arms gives the dog more choices, proving statistically the dog’s ability to find the target while desensitising interferants.

The carousel has a unique lid retention system that firmly holds the lid onto the scent pot and a quick-release height adjustment control system. This allows full vertical adjustment from ground zero upwards, which is good for puppy training as well as larger dogs.

The machine is made completely from stainless steel and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It is unidirectional and can be rotated clockwise or anti-clockwise and incorporates an anti-rotational lock mechanism, which is useful for holding positions when NCTAS training.

Arms can be adjusted horizontally to alter the working diameter, which allows the machine to fit into smaller spaces. Arms can also be removed for cleaning purposes and exchanged for different types designed to hold swabs, filters and airtight containers.

Our unique scent pots are designed to accept home office explosive sets and HM-endorsed EDD training kits. They will also accept any other substances for the purpose of scent detection work.

Primarily designed for the detection of explosives the carousel is universal and can be used for imprint training for almost anything a canine nose can detect!

Since its development, we have supplied carousels to most of the UK’s MOD, police forces, and border agencies. It has also attracted interest from many other countries and we have supplied the Norwegian armed forces, Danish airforce, French army, and the OSCE. As well as supplying private organisations across North and South America and Australia.

NATO Carousel Accessories