REST Filters

The original RASCO system used filters made from stick PVC fly screen mesh wound around a centre core encapsulated by an outer sleeve. This method of trapping odours onto flyscreen was a tried and tested method taken from the trials in South Africa in the 90s and is still used in Europe today.

REST filters in the UK are made from a porous fibre material encapsulated in a plastic bar-coded sleeve and placed in airtight security sealed container. They are less labour intensive to manufacture and work in exactly the same manner.

REST filters are stocked by Vdepot in Norfolk telephone +44 (0) 1603 881700 or email Tony Blake They are made under controlled conditions, to ensure the quality and consistency of the filters.

In 2010 trials were done using cloth samples to trap odours from the back of travelling DHL vehicles. These cloth samples were put into specially adapted perforated containers and REST was performed on the samples.

The trial was successful but no commercial operation was ever launched. But it did prove that the REST system was the flexibility and odours could be trapped on a variety of materials.

REST Filter