Medical Arm Focus Cone


Medical detection dogs or bio-detection dogs are trained to detect the smallest odours with concentrations, around one part per trillion, and can detect medical conditions such as breast cancer, Prostate Cancer, Bowel Cancer, Malaria and most recently Covod 19.

The medical detection arm focus cone universally fits all our three types of guard plates including slotted plates, cross wires and inverted pepper pots. They conveniently slide over the guard plate allowing the dog to focus and directly draw the odour from within the scent pot.

The cones are mirror polished inside and out with a fully beaded edge. This gives a very smooth and tactile feel to them and encourages the dog to confidently put his nose into the cone. They are easy to remove, clean and sterilise in an autoclave.

The cone has completely welded seams to eliminate any cross-contamination from sterilizing. It is an optional extra and a lot of trainers have found improved detection rates by using them.

These cones are interchangeable with both medical floor stands and medical carousels.