Medical Arm Cross Wire Guard


Medical detection dogs or bio-detection dogs are trained to detect the smallest odours with concentrations, around one part per trillion, and can detect medical conditions such as breast cancer, Prostate Cancer, Bowel Cancer, Malaria and most recently Covod 19.

The medical detection arm can be exchanged within the carousel to a different position or left in its current position and rotated. It is completely detachable from the carousel and small enough to sterilised in an autoclave.

The arms come in three different guard types, slotted plates, cross wires and inverted pepper pot. Depending upon your preference, the objective is to stop the dog from licking the sample, while getting his nose as close to the sample as possible. Clip sizes can be selected to accept the sample pot size of your choice.

The arm has completely welded seams to eliminate any cross-contamination from sterilizing. It’s always advisable to order additional arms while placing your order, at least enough to cover the number of odours you wish to train on. This saves time in sterilising and switching between odours.

These arms are interchangeable with medical floor stands which can be purchased separately. This allows the arms to be used on a rotary as well as a linear system to combine two different search techniques.