REST Remote Scent Box

REST scent boxes are used for imprint training and to fit directly onto the base of the analysis stand and can also be used as free standing boxes.

These boxes can be moved to different positions along the line of stands, working in the same fashion as the analysis stands.

Made completely from stainless steel and incorporates a calibrated mechanism which retracts the filter from the cone entrance. This alters the focal point from the dog’s nose making it progressively more difficult.

These boxes can be supplied in two types plain or remote-controlled versions, both come with calibrated mechanisms to alter filter position.

The remote box contains no servo motors and the Dog hears no clicks or has any forewarning that the device is about to drop the ball. Working on a 12v battery system the remote control has a range of up to 30 meters.

These boxes have a dual function and can be used as independent free standing boxes or used on the REST analysis stands.

Remote Control Scent Box