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Portable Carousel Variable Scent Lid

The variable scent lid is designed to fit the universal scent pot and portable carousel only.

Made from stainless steel these lids can be sterilised in an autoclave or standard dishwasher.

The variable lid contains 10 holes allowing progressive variation of escaping vapour. This achieved by closing each hole off independently via a small control lever.

These scent lids offer a progression from the perforated lid which has a static 8% perforation. With the variable you can shut down the amount of escaping vapour. Hole 1= 0.01%, 2=0.2%, 3=0.25%, 4=0.35%, 5=0.45%, 6=0.50%, 7=0.60%, 8=0.70%, 9=0.80%, 10=0.90%.

Even with no holes exposed the Dog will still indicate, but you can be sure the Dog is indicating on some very small vapours and you have done your training well!

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