About Scent Carousels

The carousel is a pressure search device offering dynamic training with a multiple-choice concept.  The carousel will consistently present odours for imprint training and desensitise non-target objects the dog may encounter during operational searches.

The carousel will dramatically speed up training for a new search dog, constantly shaping dogs and maintaining training between operational searches.

To summarise the benefits of using a carousel:

  • Dramatically speed up your training programme.
  • Consistently shapes dogs in a fast way.
  • Desensitises non-target objects.
  • Increases focus on the target odour.
  • Increases search pressure.
  • Presents a moving target.
  • Increase the number of choices.
  • Probability of hitting the same target 3 times consecutively is 1700 : 1  using a 12-arm.
  • Utilises NATO Pots & Lids to DSTL standards.
  • It’s portable and only weighs 30 kgs
  • Can be set up in small spaces and taken down when not in use.
  • It’s height-adjustable to suit medium to large dogs.
  • Can be supplied with baffle plates to slow the dog down.
  • Multiple uses with interchangeable stainless steel arms that can be changed for vapour systems, biomedical, universal tubes and sealed containers.

This is a dynamic training tool and a must-have piece of kit for any dog trainer. It will reduce your dog training program by months saving you time and money.

Before the use of carousels imprint training was a bit haphazard with the use of cages, bricks, woodpiles and numerous pro-active devices such as scent boxes.

Carousel Scent Wheel