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Linear stands

The liner stands works in exactly the same fashion as the NATO carousel and benefits from the same scent pot and lid. These parts are fully interchangeable with each other.

The Linear stand has the same lid retention system that firmly holds the lid onto the scent pot and prevents the dog getting to the contents.

In 2008 we were approached by the Defence Animal Centre (DAC) to design a Carousel scent wheel that would be suitable for canine imprint training for explosives.

As the conflict grew in Afghanistan and many of our soldiers were being killed and wounded daily through improvised explosive devices (IEDs), the need to train dogs more quickly and more efficiently grew as the army needed more search Dogs.

The NATO Linear stand was born and supplied to all the British forces in 2011 together with a 12 arm carousel for operational training.

Training was accomplished at base camp on the NATO 12 arm carousel and linear stands were taken into the field to form random pattern searches.

Normally supplied as set of 6 boxes they can be place to form random search patterns and easily moved from location to location.

Linear Stand

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