About Scent Stands

Scent stands can be used for imprint training alongside carousels and scent boxes but are normally use after the imprint training has been completed.

The linear stand is an extension of the NATO carousel using the same scent pots and lids on a double-ended stand. In military and conflict zones the linear stand can be used to top up carousel training in an operational environment and present random search patterns.

Scent stands can be used for analysing the presents of certain diseases or explosives present in samples. Samples are normally taken away from the point of the test and analyse within controlled environment conditions. This is typical practice with medical detection and REST explosive dogs. The stands may vary in construction, but the process is very similar and normally consist of 5 – 7 stands presented in a line.

NCTAS or ID stands constructed for the odour ID test consists of 8 stands. The search Dog must walk the line with the handler and identify the container which holds the target odour. All detection Dogs accredited by NCTAS will be assured that they are performing at a standard that is nationally recognised by the UK government.

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